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Regina. The Angelina Jolie among the elite young girls in Moscow.

Regina. Angelina Jolie is among all the elite young girls in Moscow

Regina. The Angelina Jolie among the elite young girls in Moscow.

My name is Regina, which means "queen", and I actually consider myself to be one. All the elite young girls of the city of Moscow do not match me in terms of natural charm and beauty. I have silky and soft hair, fox eyes, and an alluring body.

Do you know what I am like in life? I can be different things - a gentle and affectionate, wish-fulfilling fairy. And I can prove myself as a bossy and prideful queen. What would I be like to you? Would you know the real me?

Nature, the forest, the sea, the sun, the stars are my elements. Come get me as soon as you can. I really want to show you everything that I love and know how to do; everything that I enjoy. I promise that I will enchant you and take you with me. You will forget everything, drowning in my eyes. Come and I'll tell you all my secrets.

There are many opportunities to call an elite girl in Moscow, but there is not a single girl like me.

Age 18
Height 168
Weight 50
Breast size 1,5
Parameters 77/62/93
Hair color Fair-haired
Eye color Green
Education Higher
Knowledge of languages German
Having a visa Schengen
Apartments 1 hour: 30 000 rub.
Accompaniment 2 hours: 60 000 rub.
Night 6 hours: 120 000 rub.
Day: 200 000 rub.
Weekend: 350 000 rub.

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